MilestonePod Sneakers Automatically Tracks Your Miles


If you happen to walk, or even to run on a competitive or regular basis then you are going to have to replace your sneakers every once and a while. As  a matter of fact your sneakers are a lot like your tires, they need to be taken care of on a regular basis. As it turns out, you get a lot fewer miles of your kicks as running shoes should be changed out every 550 miles in order to protect your feet and keep you running at your best.

The thing is how do you know that your sneakers have gone 550 miles. If you have the time to keep track of this manually then you are a better organized person than most. Sure, you could keep an in depth log, or you could be a ground level investor in the MilestonePod. The MilestonePod, which is currently looking for crowdsourced funding through the Indiegogo platform, for about $30 an investor.

Source: Milestone Pod