Milestone's 1/12 Scale Model Urinal Set With Sink

Looking for that special gift for the model-maker who has everything? Consider this 1/12 scale pair of urinals from Japan that comes complete with sink, tile wall and privacy partition. Little Jimmy will just love it! His parents, not so much.

This rather unique plastic DIY urinal model comes from Milestone, makers of the 1/12 scale model toilet (the illustrations for which are “interesting” to say the least - see below). To differentiate the urinal set from the toilet, Milestone has elected to dub the former a “Men's Toilet”. That sort of makes sense if you think about it, though any single man or men who has ONLY this type of toilet in their home will be encountering, er, difficulties.

Let's move on, shall we? The elaborate kit features plastic components tinted matte white for the two urinals, sink, tile wall and partitions with additional shiny silver-painted pieces used to form the plumbing.

An instruction manual is also included though it appears to be printed in Japanese only. No matter; if you can figure out an IKEA instruction manual you can handle the Men's Toilet – if it's a typical Japanese instruction manual it'll be profusely illustrated.

You may be wondering exactly who or what the target market for these 1,480 yen ($15.50) models might be. Presumably its those who construct precisely detailed 3D house models for home building companies, fans of high-end doll houses or... OK, your guess is as good as ours.

By the way, the ball-jointed figurines in the illustrations are not included so you'll have to purchase them elsewhere or even better, substitute your own action figures. (via AKIBA Impress Watch)