Military Camouflage Kimonos Turn Ninjas Into Fashionistas

Love the look and feel of traditional Japanese kimonos but wish they came in patterns more, say, Rambo-esque? Wish no more: “Battle Dress Uniform” kimonos in military-spec camouflage patterns not only look badass, they're a lot more comfortable than a full metal jacket.

Kyoto Kimono Sai has been creating and selling hand-crafted kimonos since 1972, though their Battle Dress Uniform (BDU for short) line is both new and unusual. Take the material – instead of traditional silk, BDU kimonos are made from 100% cotton reproduction replica US military fabric. 

Eight different patterns are available: US Army Combat Uniform Camo, US Army Olive Drab (modern), US Army Olive Drab 1960s, US Air Force Battle Uniform, US Navy Working Uniform, US Army Woodland, US Marine Woodland Digital, and US Marine Desert Digital.

Kyoto Kimono Sai's BDU kimonos (“yukata”, actually, ideal for summertime casual wear) appear to come with matching utility-style belts though regulation boots aren't included. Sizes range from extra-small through extra-large. (via Jonelle Patrick)