Milk Caramel Potato Chips, the Sweeter Starchy Sliced Spud Snacks

Introducing "Milk Caramel Potato Chips", the latest improbable snack from the land that gave us Strawberry Cheetos. Blending traditional Morinaga caramels with crispy ridged potato chips doesn't seem right but hey, anything's better than pork rinds.

Morinaga has been making and marketing their signature caramels (above, right) since 1897 and they're a Japanese institution. A number of flavors have joined the original including Matcha, Azuki (sweet red bean), Kurogoma (black sesame) and more.

Fancy flavors aside, the company hasn't messed with their brand much as the caramels' boxes and bags retain the same basic retro style tweaked ever so slightly to meet the requirements of modern packaging.

Instead, Morinaga has been busy infusing their well-known identity into other foods and snacks such as cookies and... potato chips.

Sweetening-up salty snacks like chips isn't all that odd in Japan and vice-versa (we're looking at you, Salty Watermelon Pepsi) and then there are the aforementioned Strawberry Cheetos. Perhaps it's an acquired taste, like pork rinds.

In any case, Morinaga's Milk Caramel Potato Chips are here! Each 60-gram (2.1oz) bag packs just 327 calories by virtue of Stevia and Sucralose sweeteners so pigging out won't instantly penalize your waistline... unless you snarf down a case. Snap 'em up at the usual outlets, convenience stores and whatnot but act fast, they're a limited edition release. (via Gigazine)

UPDATE: If you now have a hankering for caramel chips in the US, perhaps these caramel yam chips can dazzle your tastebuds.

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