Milk Cream Snack Cakes Look Like Cute Cows

DO have a cow - though the bold bovine pattern on every Fuwamaki Milk snack cake makes them almost too cute to eat.

Fuwamaki Milk Cake is one of the new batch of snacks that arrive on Japanese convenience store shelves every spring. As you can see in the following video clip from Mezamashi TV, most of the snacks seem inspired by typical signs of spring like Sakura cherry blossoms, bamboo shoots and mushrooms.



At the 2:05 point in the clip, something different appears - judging from the oohs and ahhs from the TV audience it might be the pick of the litter: 

Fuwamaki Milk Cake may sound like a mouthful but it's really more of a moo-thful (sorry for that). A milk-flavored snack cake sporting a black & white coat taken straight from the side of a Holstein? Pure genius... and a great selling point too!

Bourbon Corporation makes Fuwamaki Milk Cake and this new item isn't their first "copycat snack" - check out Every Burgers, tiny chocolate cream cookies that look like miniature hamburgers.

As for Fuwamaki Milk Cake, the resemblance between the cake and the calf is pretty much limited to the dairy cow wannabe pastry and the milk-flavored cream inside.

That should be enough for most snackers, however, who have no need to get past the cute cow covering. Don't have a cow? For just 105 yen (about $1.15) each, I just might have one... and then I'll have an udder.(via Japan Probe and Shibuya 246)