Milk Crown Clocks And Trays Make A Splash

Milk Crown Clocks and Trays are, according to Japanese designer Masashi Hanayama of hnm,  inspired by the beautiful yet ephemeral crown-shaped structures created when a drop of milk splashes into a larger amount of liquid.

Once the province of high speed photography, this new series of clocks and trays stops time, as it were, by enlarging and preserving these delicate crown-shaped structures for your permanent viewing pleasure.

The Milk Crown Clock comes in either white or black and measures 150mm (6 inches) in diameter by 50mm (2 inches) in depth. They cost 6,825 yen (about $72.50) each and are available for order online at Rakuten.

Also available at Rakuten are Milk Crown Trays, which come in white, black, platinum and gold, and which cost 4,500 yen (about $) plus shipping. (via Metropolis, Milk Crown image via Yunphoto