Million Dollar Mercedes: Daimler's S-Class Pullman To Debut In 2015

The all-new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman is set to become Daimler's standard bearer when it debuts as a 2015 model. Sticker priced at just over $1 million each, the next uber-Benz follows a long line of luxurious land-barges like the legendary 600 Pullman long-favored by the world's top celebrities, dictators, and celebrity-dictators.

The “pullman” moniker is no accident – the top of the line MB motorcar pays homage to the cushy Pullman railcars that hosted assorted 19th century business magnates, robber barons, moguls, tycoons and the like on their epic transcontinental journeys. These days, rails have given way to Rolls... as in Rolls-Royce, the leading choice for road-going one percenters. With the revamped S-Class Pullman, Daimler is hoping to recoup some of RR's cachet as the leading carmaker for the world's leading, er, leaders.

Stretching 21 feet from chromed emblem to emblem, the S-Class Pullman is over twice as long as a Smart Car and will cost roughly 33 times that of a single new CLA-Class sedan.

The massive MB's sticker is also double that of Rolls-Royce's most expensive 2014 offering, the Phantom, which considering its target market is actually a selling point. Don't be fooled by the factory-camouflaged images accompanying this article, by the way, it's SOP when giving new vehicles a little real-world testing.

What does one get for such a stratospheric sum? How 'bout a sound-blocking partition between the driver's and passenger's compartments that changes from transparent to translucent on demand?

Speaking of security, the windshield is made from half-inch thick bulletproof glass and optional armor-plated body panels are designed to withstand continuous gunfire, hand grenades and other small explosive projectiles. Hey, life at the top has its risks as well as its rewards.

Once inside, passengers can get all cozy and summit-like on seats that face one another. Expect the entire range of luxurious creature comforts and connectivity options as well.

As for power – not the kind that corrupts absolutely – the S-Class Pullman will have a twin-turbo V12 engine under its long, long hood. The gasoline-fueled engine is conservatively rated at 600 bhp (447 kW) and perhaps surprisingly, will be followed by a hybrid-engined variation a few months after the May 2015 official introduction. (via World Car Fans and Businessweek)