Mimi Wireless Gaming Keyboard Makes Playing Portable

Let's say you have a big-screen TV. Maybe you've also a great laptop or desktop computer hooked up to that TV, and you're tired of playing your games while balancing a keyboard and mouse in your lap or you're sick of the tiny track pad on your laptop.

Fear no more, gamer! The Mimi Wireless Gaming Keyboard has the answer. A combination wireless HTCP keyboard, 3D motion-sensitive mouse and featuring two joysticks with analog buttons, the Mimi is everything you've ever wanted in a peripheral but were afraid to ask for.

Using it is simple - just plug in the included USB dongle to your existing computer and turn it on so that the wireless transmission process can begin. When the Mimi needs charging, hook it up using the included USB cable to get powered up and back in the action.

Fortunately, you won't need to do that often, as the Mimi has a lithium polymer battery that can provide up to 20 hours of continuous use and has an auto-hibernate mode that allows it to conserve power if not in use but left on and forgotten.

The Mimi Wireless Gaming Keyboard is both Mac and Windows compatible and its wireless energies will reach up to 10 meters, meaning that you can sit just about as far away as you'd like from your TV without losing signal strength.

By combining the functionality of a full keyboard with the Wiimote-style action of a 3D mouse and accelerometer, the Mimi manages to capture just about everything a gamer would want and shove it into one slick package.

Of course, there will still be a number of games that it will be unsuitable for - the keyboard isn't exactly typical size - but it certainly does allow for a far broader range of application use than a standard mouse/keyboard combination and with quite a bit less hassle.

If you're interested in one you can grab it for just under $150 and get the most from your giant television and high-end computer by making the best of a multi-peripheral situation.

Source: Firebox