Mimish Storage Beanbag, A Stylish Storage Solution

As small as kids are, they take up a lot of space. Baby equipment is bulky and toddler toys spread throughout the house faster than wildfire. Our kids get older and they keep acquiring stuff. And that stuff is usually anywhere than its designated place, i.e., on the floor. Our children’s things can take over the house and leave little room for our own things if we are not careful. Mimish Storage Beanbags solve many of these problems in a fun and stylish way.

Mom and New Yorker Andrea Soto knows the importance of making the most of our space and the space we share with our kids. She combined her love and skill for design and organization and created the Storage Beanbag under the company name Mimish, her daughter’s nickname. Soto wants Mimish to create solutions for parents with products for kids.

The Storage Beanbag is a beanbag chair with a zipper around its circumference. Unzipping the beanbag reveals a hidden storage compartment that can be filled with toys, clothes, blankets or anything else your hoarder of a toddler can fit inside. Maybe it is just my toddler who seems to jam random stuff to the top of boxes or bags; my guess is that your child will love to hide and store their toys in the Storage Beanbag too.

Mimish’s Storage Beanbag comes in several colors in either cotton or micro-suede fabrics. Once the top bag of recycled polystyrene beans is removed from the chair, the micro-suede Storage Beanbags can be machine washed and dried on low heat. The cotton fabric chairs can be spot cleaned or dry cleaned after the beans have been removed.

Another layer of parental convenience and safety are the six grommet holes in the bottom storage compartment. In the event your child decides to store themselves or the family pet inside of their Storage Beanbag, they’ll have a source of air flow.

Soto was sure to use strong and high quality stitching and reinforced the bottom with thick foam. The storage section of the beanbag chair adds 5650 cubic inches of storage space to your home, while providing a perfect spot for your child to call their own. The beanbag chair is 30 inches in diameter and 17 inches tall.

The Storage Beanbag is comfy enough to sit on, recline on, or put your feet on while you watch TV or read—or sip wine as you look at the clean floor after jamming all of your kid’s stuff into the beanbag’s middle.

Storage Beanbag chairs are able to accomplish two of my favorite things: multi-tasking and organizing. It’s the perfect solution to a bedroom, playroom, living room or office. The directions are pretty simple: fill it, zip it, and sit on it. A space saving beanbag chair is usually an oxymoron, but not in this case. Mimish Storage Beanbags are kid-friendly, stylish pieces of furniture which will solve your storage problems.

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