Mimo Baby Monitor Tracks Your Baby's Breathing, Temperature, Activity and Sleep

For parents with young babies, this is going to make your lives better. Or at least it will give you a lot of data to think about. The Mimo Baby Monitor is a wearable baby monitor that is embedded in your baby's babysuit. It lets you know that your baby is still breathing, measures their temperature, and records your baby's motion so you know when they turn over. It also uses algorithms to let you know when your baby is sleeping, and can even give you an idea of how well they are sleeping.

Mimo Baby Monitor Baby SuitMimo Baby Monitor Baby Suit

The Mimo Baby Monitor is embedded in an organic cotton suit, and the Mimo app lets you visualize all the nifty data in realtime. You can set up custom alerts for specific events that you care about, like when your little one turns over, and even stream live audio so you can hear what your baby is up to. 

Mimo Baby Monitor was invented by a medical device company, Rest Devices, that was initially focused on sensors for other applications, before parents started asking to use them to monitor baby's respiration. Their attempt to raise money using Dragon Innovation stalled at $35,000, but they are still on track to shipping their Mimo Baby Suit in January 2014. 

It's priced at approximately $200 for 3 Mimo baby body suits, the Lilypad base station and 1 Turtle, and the app will be free on both iOS and Android. It might be too expensive for most parents, but worth it for those with little ones with health problems. By alerting them to changes in their baby's temperature, position, activity or respiration, hopefully some worried parents can get a little more sleep.

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