Minature World Replicas: Whimsical Fashion Accessories By Kendal Murray

This is a whimsical twist on a concept that we've all been thinking about over the past few years since CSI made the creation of miniature settings a hotter trend, at least when it comes to crime scenes. Now, there's an artist who has decided to leave out the blood and gore and introduce the idea to fashion.

Funky Handbags for the Farm LoverFunky Handbags for the Farm Lover

Kendal Murray isn't the Miniature Killer character brought to life in CSI (if she is, she's not doing a very good job, considering her miniatures are peaceful and whimsical), but she is an artist making a similar concept come to life in a way that's wearable. 

Purses with Minature ReplicasPurses with Minature Replicas

Her clutches and mirrors represent various rural scenes and would be definite conversation pieces if you were to make an appearance at a party or event with one of these in han. Careful though, while the designer may not be exhibiting signs of an axe murderer, you could become a miniature killer yourself if you lose any of the tiny animals or people along your travels.

Via: TrendHunter