Minecraft Refrigerator Tile Set Keeps You Entertained While Feeding Your Weak, Non-Blocky Body

Minecraft. If you haven't heard about it, you should check out this blocky, dig-for-your-life PC game that will consume hours of your day and night and lead you to build maniacally large structures for no good reason. Then, when you're done, buy some of these Minecraft fridge magnets.

Minecraft the game is one of those odd sensations that comes along every now and again, created by a budding designer and slipped out onto the Web for testing. A huge response to even the "alpha" portion of his game garnered massive numbers of pre-ordered copies for when the game was finished and spawned a wave of fanatical players. The game is still in the Beta stage, but over 1 million people have paid for a final copy when it arrives.

Minecraft: lookin' good.Minecraft: lookin' good. 

In a nutshell, the game features a blocky, open-world concept in which you dig and punch your way into the trees and ground around you to get the raw materials you need to survive. Combining certain materials allows you to create items - such as shovels and picks - that let you be more efficient and build a safe haven in your new universe. Safe, you ask? Yep. From the Creepers that come out at night.

Players can either choose to expand and dominate their Creeper-filled world or choose a world without these monsters in which they can create stunning projects of massive size.  



The game, it's no small wonder, inspires a great deal of devotion in fans, devotion that the guys over at Think Geek are smart enough to capitalize on. For $20, you too can have 80 1" square blocks of all your favorite Minecraft tiles to stick to your fridge and distract you while you gulp down milk or consider just what can be made the quickest to get you back in the game.

Sure, it's not the same as playing Minecraft, but at least you won't have to deal with - ugh - actually talking to people as you diagram your next great project.

Source: Think Geek

Minecraft? Minecraft.