MINI Citysurfer: A Collapsable Urban Electric Scooter

Cruising On The CitysurferCruising On The Citysurfer

Scooters are super fun and a great way to save a little walking energy in getting around place to place. Throw a motor on one and make it lightweight and collapsible, and you have a great means of transportation for the urban commuter--you have the MINI Citysurfer.

The MINI Citysurfer combines the riding style of a traditional scooter with an electric drive and a frame that folds in half. Being collapsible means that you can combine transportation modes--as in you can ride the scooter to the bus stop, fold up the scooter and take it on the bus with you. Check out the video below to see the MINI Citysurfer in action. 

As I said, the MINI Citysurfer is lightweight despite housing a motor. It only weighs around 40 pounds. Just because it's lightweight doesn't mean it's fragile. The Citysurfer integrates large wheels with pneumatic tires (as opposed to the full rubber tires of traditional scooters), so it can handle a bumpy sidewalk or the occasional pot hole. 

Citysurfer Mobile Phone HolderCitysurfer Mobile Phone Holder

The Citysurfer employs hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear and safety features to ensure proper engagement when unfolding. It also has trim parts and wheel covers to protect the scooter from dirt and weathering as well as a mobile phone holder on the handlebars. 

MINI CitysurferMINI Citysurfer

MINI isn't selling these scooters just yet. As of now, the MINI Citysurfer is just a concept, but maybe one day soon the urban commuter will be able to ride around the city on a Citysurfer. In the meantime, you can find more information on Designboom