Waiter, There's A Person In My Soup - Unique Miniature Food Art

Les EpepineursLes Epepineurs

Pierre Javelle, a French photographer of culinary magazines, and Akiko Ida, a Japanese cooker, photographer and artist have collaborated together to make these unique works of art.

Pierre and Akiko met while studying photography at the Paris "Arts Decoratifs" art school. Both have had their photographs published in major magazines.

Using food photography, the miniature figures are strategically placed in scenes and poses that we face everyday. Created between 2002 and 2008, this 60 image series is titled MINIMIAM, with miam meaning 'yum' in French.


This art reminds me of an alternate world shown somewhere on the sci-fi channel late at night, where people are small and food is big. Imagine combing the lands in search of shelter, and having to cross over giant mushrooms and massive eclairs, only to fall into a bowl of frosting. This seems to me a world Homer Simpson would love to live in. Mmmm....frosting.....

These would be fun at family picnics. You could tell everyone you're going to bring all the food, then show up with little people in all of it. This would especially work well if you don't like going to these family picnics. Since nobody probably wants to pick little people out of their food, I'm sure you may not be invited back again. However, there could be some people that didn't even notice that you brought miniature people in with all of your food and you could secretly laugh inside while watching them chow down on little people. The joke is on them then, right?

As for the one I like best, the doughnut bicyclists are my favorite. There's something about circling around a piece of pastry that really gets me going. What about you?

Copyrighted images used with permission. Please visit Minimiam to see more of this fun miniature artwork!

Originally published June 14, 2009