When A Mini Is a Giant - Brilliant Advertising of the Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper not only has creative advertising...they have creative ways of displaying them and always find creative places to put them.

Beginning with some very creative print ads.

To promote mini.com, this one reads: Find out why a MINI handles the way it does at MINI.com

From the Let's Motor campaign.

Source: hidden persuader

Now my personal favorite print ad.

Reads: Let's take it off. Let's take it all off.

This is a magazine with a printed wrap. When the wrap is removed, so does the cover of the mini cooper.


Source (all others above): Ads of the World

Ok, I have two favorites, who could forget the transformer.

Source: Cheers and Gears

As for outdoor advertising...

This is a great outdoor/billboard campaign...

Source: Strange Cosmos

Another outdoor campaign...this one a wallscape.


Source: theavclub

This one utilizes both billboard advertising and wallscapes.

Source: Marketallica

And one more "sleek track" billboard.

Source: Outsiders-Unite

This billboard actually uses information stored on a computer chip in Mini Coopers, so when Mini drivers are going past, they will receive a personalized message.

Source: PZRServices

Mini has also been known to use some very nontraditional techniques...

Some more interesting guerilla tactics include this urinal race course, with 3D pylons and all and take a Mini test drive.

Source: Outsiders-Unite

This mini was placed in a building in Yaletown.


Source: Marketallica

Then there is the mini in a box.

Source: Marketallica

What are you doing this weekend?

Source: Marketallica

This one was at Molina Ski Resort.

Source: Marketallica

In the airport/taxi waiting area.

How funny...

Source: Canadian Design Resource

The Mini ‘Size’ campaign attempts to demonstrate how much interior space the Mini has. It’s strategically placed at the top of a subway entrance so it appears that several people are piling into the car or exiting the car.

Source: Gush Magazine

What do you think of the giant ad campaign for such a small product?

Amy Gifford
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