Mini Pig Keychain LED Light v2.0 Lets the Swine Shine


The Mini Pig Keychain Light v2.0 is a welcome update on the cute Pig LED Keychain Light featured here a couple years back. Oink if you want one! Cows, cats, even chickens have all been given the LED treatment but the LED Pig really brings home the bacon. It's all about the nostrils - twin porcine portals that blaze forth brilliant light at the press of a button. Sooeet!

But all good things come to an end, and LED Pig manufacturer Wenzhou TANY Light  lndustry Electronic Co. soon moved on to bigger and better things, like maybe the Three Gorges Dam. Damn! But wait - has brought the piggy-light back from the grave, and LED Pig v2.0 still boasts the same deadly cute twin-nostril optic blast that endeared the original to so many, so long ago. Huzzah!

OK, here's the skinny on the updated piggy. It's just over two inches long from snout to tail, and somehow it's lost a couple of legs - no matter, legs are for sissies and the manufacturer makes up for the double-amputation by adding sound capability. It may not help you find your lock but that's no lack; the cute chorus of oinking is sure to turn any nearby member of the opposite sex into your new BFF - Bacon Friend Forever!

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