Mini Snap Dual-Mode USB Digital Camera Takes A Licking, Keeps On Clicking

Disposable cameras may be tough but tossing them out just seems wasteful - especially if you do it right after you snap the last pic, like Erin from The Office. With the new Mini Snap "Dual Shot Device", however, waste is not an option: it may look like a cheap disposable camera but it was designed to be used, abused and best of all, re-used.

The Mini Snap has a built-in rechargeable Li-on battery that draws power from your computer or laptop through a covered USB connector; it takes about 1.5 hours for a full charging. That same easy connection allows you to download the pics and video you've taken right into your comp. No fuss, no film, no batteries... no problem!

Measuring just 31 × 80 × 11mm (1.24 x 3.2 x .44 inches) and weighing a mere 42 grams (under 2 ounces), the Mini Snap is eminently portable and its rugged ABS plastic case (available in black, white, berry red, mango orange, or lime green) is up to most anything the average kid can throw at it. The average kid can even throw it - not under a bus maybe, but within reason.

Specs-wise, the Mini Snap is no worldbeater but as a toy camera it really doesn't have to be. The 0.3 megapixel resolution is worse than the 1996 Sony digital camera I used to have but at just 4,800 yen (under $60) it costs only 1/10th as much. Plus, my old Sony couldn't record video but the Mini Snap can, 30 minutes worth albeit with no audio.

You can check out the other relevant specs as well as order one for yourself (or your kid/kids) at Rakuten, Japan's largest online retailer. Like the camera, it's a snap!