Mini Video Projector Shines 45-inch Display On Any Wall

Honey, I shrunk the video projector! Actually Thanko has, and the "Minijekuta" is just about as small as one can practically go while still being functional. The lightweight 142g (5oz) projector comes with an accessory pack containing a stylish aluminum tripod, a triple-headed video cable and an AC adapter.

The projector can also accept input from an iPod or iPhone but you'll have to purchase a special connecting cable on your own time - and your own dime. Speaking of which, the Minijekuta isn't exactly cheap: 29,800 yen (about $315) including tax but plus shipping charges.

Once unpacked and set up, the Minijekuta beams its display onto any nearby wall. The "screen size" can be adjusted from 14 inches up to a full 45 inches.

Don't get TOO excited though, as the 640 x 480 pixel resolution isn't anything to write home about. Then again, one expects some graininess - the screen is a wall, after all. You can order the Minijekuta from Japanese online retailer Rakuten at their full-featured website. (via Japan Today)

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