Miniature Tennis Just For The Younger Generation

We've seen sports facilities for children and know it's possible to purchase miniature-sized equipment that is better suited for their small statures. Drop Shots Tennis combines these concepts, and offers a unique sporting experience in this niche market for kids aged two to ten.

Drop Shots Tennis in Colorado, doesn't just offer pint sized rackets for their slight clientele, their courts and methods also cater to the specific needs of children. The facility offers shrunken versions of the typical tennis court, including smaller nets, balls rackets, and shorter traveling distances, in an attempt to make the sport less intimidating to children since designs typically have older generations in mind. Since the safety of children is unequivocally a higher priority than our own when playing tennis, Drop Shots Tennis has also installed plush carpeted courts to prevent scrapes and bruises which might put the sensitive at heart off tennis forever.





Drop Shots Tennis offers lessons based on age group and skill, which attempts to build their coordination, agility and specific abilities with tennis strokes. They also claim to incorporate fun activities to increase the entertainment value of the sport for children and also host complete themed birthday parties.

Other businesses to check out that focus upon sports programs for children are Sports Equipment for Kids Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that helps provide underprivileged children with the equipment they need to join organized sports; and Super which offers a complete directory of businesses that sell any type of equipment miniature sports lover could ever require. Drop Shots Tennis may also have a competitor in Toddler Tennis, a unique tennis program that's part of the Junior Tennis Association of Queensland Inc.


Jan 16, 2009
by Cosetta
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Great idea

i think this is a cool idea.

Have you noticed that the boy playing  tennis looks a lot like  actor, Jackie Cooper when he was a child? 


Happy Patent,


Jan 16, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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I googled for a direct photo

I googled for a direct photo comparison, and at the right angle, it is eerie!

Beth Hodgson
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