Minibar: New Hospitality Trend Emerges With The Serve Yourself Bar

A frequent part of the dining out or nightlife experience involves waiting for that server or cocktail waitress to notice that you need a refill. Realizing that people might spend far more money in their dining establishment if they didn't need to wait to be served, Minibar, a European nightlife experience, brings the serve yourself hotel style minibar out to the nightclubs.

In order to serve themselves while drinking or dining at Minibar, patrons of Amsterdam's first serve yourself restaurant receive a key, which gives them access to one general, fully stocked minibar. Throughout the evening, clients of Minibar can help themselves to a wide selection of fine wines, beers, cocktails, sushi and seasonal snacks from their personal fridge, without ever having to wait to be served. Then, once they're ready to leave, inventory of their personal minibar is taken so they can pay their bill.

No word if there are bottle collection serves at Minibar, or if you're also responsible for clearing off your own table. Naturally, this is an important element to understand,, since the serve yourself concept is a great one; provided there is no tip required.