Minimal Mice - A Dystopian Computer Future?

As computer towers get bigger, keyboards get more multi-use and mice get bulkier, designer Vrouyr Joubanian has created an alternative: the Void Mouse.

Most out-of-the-box computer systems still come with a standard, two-button mouse, often with a scroll wheel. This has become par for the mousing course, but there was a time when it simply wasn't so. Scroll wheels were unheard of; trackballs were all the rage. Squat, heavy mice took up every available inch of space they could, but time has seen an evolution of this design to a simple, functional model that companies can make on the cheap.

Of course, the elite computing industry isn't always so interested in the cheap. New companies have emerged, catering to the tastes of hard-core gamers and creating computers with massive towers, multiple fans and the ability to run games that haven't even been conceived of yet. Gaming mice have evolved into multi-button monsters that often include extra weights to make sure that the balance and feel of the mouse is exactly right.

Now, Vrouyr Joubanian has created his Void Mouse, a truly minimalist take on the peripheral concept. Featuring a long curved handrest with a stable surface underneath, the Void Mouse combines left, right and scroll features into a single button and has all of its technology contained in the surface portion of the device. What's more, the thickness of the handrest varies, giving users an interesting tactile experience.

Take a look at a front view:

Void Mouse: am I sexy?Void Mouse: am I sexy? 

Seems like a fashion shot, almost, and we think that's what Vrouyr is going for - a streamlined and sexy design that fulfills the basic needs without being over-complicated.

We're not sure it will ever take off in the larger market, but the Void Mouse isn't something we'd avoid just out of spite.

Source: Yanko Design