The MiniPak, An Innovative Eco-Friendly Money Saving Small Electronics Recharger

image via Horizon Fuel Cell Technologiesimage via Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has developed an innovative eco-friendly recharging device that uses hydrogen sticks to charge a variety of small electrical gadgets. It's called the MiniPak, is easily portable and fits in the palm of your hand. It also designed to help consumer save money.

The MiniPak like many recharging device on the market today is palm sized device that can fit in purse, a suit pocket, a back pocket, etc. It can power any small electrical device that needs up to 2W of power and can charge these gadgets at a lower cost and for durations longer than today's alternative rechargeable batteries. Some of the many handheld gadgets the MiniPak can power are: MP3 players, cell phones, smart phones and gaming devices. It can also extend power to other small electrical devices such as flashlights and even a mini fan to help you keep cool in this hot summer weather.

The MiniPak comes with two HydroSTIKs cartridges. The HydroSTIK cartridges are eco, friendly, refillable and non-toxic. If the cartridges are disposed of at the end of their life there isn't any danger of mercury, cadmium or lead leaking out because the cartridges do not contain any. In addition, "Each HydroSTIK can store 15Wh of energy, enough for 2 to 3 charges of a 3G smartphone, or 4-6 charges for average cellphones, which is more than what present primary and rechargeable batteries are able to offer at equivalent cost" (

Each HydroSTIK can be refilled at a HyrdoFill. The HydroFILL, not sold with the MiniPak, is a mini palm-sized hydrogen station for personal use. To make it work consumers add water to the HydroFiLL and then plugging into an electrical socket or into a solar panel. This generates hydrogen and the hydrogen is automatically stored in solid form into a HydroSTIK cartridge. The HydroSTIK cartridge, which is about the size and shape of a battery, contains a special metal alloy that allows hydrogen to be stored in a solid-state. "Once full, the battery-like "solid-state"HydroSTIKs can be unplugged from the HydroFILL and placed into the MiniPak (or other fuel cell devices) to deliver power via a USB port" (

Watch how easily the MiniPak can be used in the YouTube video below.

Visit the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies website for more information.


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