MinMu Squishes Several Links Into One

If you're a regular blogger or social media nut, you're probably familiar with Twitter, and the need to conserve space in the micro-blogging atmosphere.  Maybe you even feel like you need to save space on your own personal blog.  TinyURL has long stood as the standard for shortening lengthy URLs into small, convenient links, but now there's a new kid in town.  Introducing:  MinMu.

MinMu is about as simple of a service as it gets, and not altogether not unlike TinyURL.  You take your links, input them into the generator, and out comes your abbreviated link.  But MinMu does have some features that give it a bit of an advantage over TinyURL

For one, you can combine multiple URLs under the same MinMu link.  This proves to be extremely useful where ever you may want to link several different personal information pages, or blogs.  Typically, an email or forum signature would be the first place you'd think to use a service like this, but you can really get creative if you put your mind to it.  Say for sake of argument you want to referrence a link that has several different sources, or several similar sources.  MinMu is great for that.

Also, you can use MinMu links for yourself if you need to remember several different websites for later.  You can create a MinMu with all the links you've browsed for the day, and send them to yourself for future use.  The same goes for sharing your daily surf with your online friends.  If you want to link and share several great sites (like all the wonderful blogs on InventorSpot), you can put them all in a MinMu link and pass them out.

MinMu has a few other features that make it a tad superior to services like TinyURL, as well.  Beyond multiple linkage, you'll find that you can name the page that you create using MinMu's generator, update the link page anytime you like, and the service actually has warning ratings for the links that are put on the page, which will let your readers click on in confidence.

It may not be the most terribly original service out there, but MinMu is definitely a cool spin on a popular technique.  Being able to link multiple pages under one small link lets you get really creative with its uses, and the interface is great-looking and simple.  As other similar services continue to pop up, it should be pretty interesting to see what other options can improve on the original TinyURL formula.

May 8, 2009
by Anonymous


Hey, thank you for reviewing MinMU.
Glad you like it. :)