Minorities Make Up Majority When It Comes to Great Ideas

Those heralding from the far off land of India make up less than one percent of American citizens, however one in every ten U.S. inventions have been credited to someone with an Indian last name. What gives? It turns out Indian Americans are leading the way in innovative thinking, and they are happily taking the credit for many of the world’s most useful technological developments.

Many speculate that the surge of Indian-derived inventors comes from the fact United States companies are hiring more workers from India than any other country. Especially in the fields of computers and technology, India is one of the nations known for preparing and properly educating workers going into these fields. image courtesy of blog.hasselberger.comimage courtesy of blog.hasselberger.com

So is India leading the way in world innovation? Not quite. China is still kicking the rears of intellectuals the world over, this year again filing the largest number of international patents through the U.S. 16.8% of submittals were from someone with a Chinese-based last name.

What does that tell us about the way things are going for the United States? Some people may assume it means American companies have given up on those homegrown and are turning to more cost-effective foreign help instead. This may be true to an extent, however the truth of the matter is the Chinese’s inspiration comes from their roots in a country that prides itself on being at the brink of technological breakthrough.

America needs to refocus its own natives toward this sort of mentality, compelling workers to look toward the future and to be open-minded with ideas and creativity, rather than just figuring out how to get through another workday.

However, until this is achieved…. congratulations to India and China, the two nations jam packed with winning ideas.


Tamara Warta
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