Miraphone Turns Up The Sound, Not The Volume, For Hearing Impaired

Normal hearing takes place in two ways; air conduction and bone conduction.  Many people who have hearing impairments experience loss of air conduction - the sound that comes to the ear.  Usually, they can use telephones that just amplify the incoming speech. 

Others, however, are not helped by amplified sound; in fact, turning up the volume creates distortions in the speech.  That's where Mirafone comes in.

Mirafone helps you hear better through bone conduction.  The Miraphone handset is placed on areas if the head, rather than next to the ear, bypassing air conduction all together. The handset's patented DirectVibe Pulsator sends sound through strategic bones around your ear and head right to the speech recognition center in your brain.


The Miraphone handset has DirectVibe PulsatorThe Miraphone handset has DirectVibe Pulsator


Users seem to find the Miraphone a desirable solution to their telephone communication difficulties, as many hard of hearing persons cannot use a voice amplified phone at all.  They say it takes some adjustment, which is expected, using a new way of hearing, but they get used to it.

The Miraphone can also be used as a regular phone.  It includes volume controls and has visual and sound ringers. It can be purchased on Amazon.com for just $22.99.


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