Mirror, Mirror On the Wall: Narcisse Mirrors Might Be the Fairest

"Spline" by Matali Crasset"Spline" by Matali Crasset

Aside from its essential utilitarian function, the mirror -- wholly underrated while both loved and loathed throughout the ages -- can serve several other purposes. Sure, it's handy to practice sexy faces in, or to fish out a lost contact with, but now its other, more artistic applications liberate it from a life doomed to only reflecting human foibles and vanities. At last, the mirror has evolved to take its proper place among more respected works of art.

"Five Mirrors" by 5.5 designers"Five Mirrors" by 5.5 designers

These revamped mirrors take shape as the unexpected forms of the Narcisse collection by Domestic. Instead of gazing egocentrically only at our own reflections, we can turn our attention to the actual form of that which we are looking at and appreciate its good shape, alongside our own.

"I Love Me" by Ich & Ker"I Love Me" by Ich & Ker

"Alice in Wonderland" by Matali Crasset"Alice in Wonderland" by Matali Crasset

Designed by several different artists, the idea behind the distinguished Narcisse collection was to "free the mirror from its traditional frame" and renew its identity, rid of traditional codes. These laser-cut pieces will help give a facelift to the identity of your living space as well, adding not only some fresh appeal to your home decor, but also the "good feng shui" that comes with reflecting light into darker areas.

"Smoooch" by Genevieve Gauckler"Smoooch" by Genevieve Gauckler

Designs range from the amusing and playful to the geometrically sophisticated, with prices starting at 57€.

Sources: domestic via trendir

Sarah O
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Jan 8, 2008
by CHCH (not verified)

narcisse mirros

I ordered the "Spline" mirror from the Narcisse collection at domestic.fr, and it arrived in poor shape. First of all, the mirror was deeply scratched. Second, the mirror was asymmetric - the two halves do not align cleanly, and this ruins the visual effect. Worst of all, domestic.fr is not responding to any of my emails about this problem (that amount of money for a piece of plastic - it should be in better condition!)

The point is, do not buy this product. you may also want to edit your post so that people know the mirrors are not as good as they appear in jpg form.