Mirrored Cellphone Peep Blocker Provides Vanity and Security

Our lips are sealed...Our lips are sealed...

Japan has fully embraced Keitai (Cellphone) Culture, but the consequences of living in crowded urban environments include unwanted eavesdropping of text messages from that rude salaryman in the next subway seat. The solution is, shall we say, clear - one way mirror stickers that safeguard cellphone chats.

Security for your train of thoughtSecurity for your train of thought

An added bonus provided by these stickers is that when your phone is off it becomes a handy-dandy make-up mirror, thus lightening the load today's fashionable young woman has to lug around in her handbag. It's no trick, just a property of one way mirrors. Light from the cellphone's screen will pass through to your eyes but if there's no light shining out, outside light gets reflected right back at you.

Trim to fit any phone, anywhereTrim to fit any phone, anywhere

If security and vanity weren't enough, the popular peep blockers also protect your cellphone's screen from dirt, scratches and fingerprints. At prices in the $5 to $9 range for mirror mail peep blocker sheets in various sizes, you can let the sticker take the abuse so your expensive cellphone doesn't have to!