Miss Butterfly Bliss Interactive Cottage Is Both Playful And Polite

From toy company Learning Curve comesthe Miss Butterfly Bliss Interactive Cottage – a great way forgirls to have fun and enjoy etiquette.

Certainly there’s an interestingdiscussion to be had about girls’ toys that not only are theubiquitous “dollhouse” model but that are also aimed at promotingpoliteness and etiquette. There’s not really an equivalent in theworld of boys’ toys, something that teaches them how they shouldact in public or properly serve guests but the truth is the MissButterfly Bliss Interactive Cottage is still a well-made product with an interestingniche market.

Made mostly of vinyl, the Cottage willfold up into a neat carrying case with handle when not in use andwhen ready for play a young girl (or boy!) can easily unfold it intosix separate rooms, each with their own unique function. Theinteractive technology on the Butterfly Bliss cottage lets kidslisten to phrases and songs or have lights appear, depending on theaction taken.

If the doorbell is pressed, forexample, the cottage will announce that there are guests at the doorand that the occupants should be prepared for hosting an afternoontea or snack. Other areas will cause house lights to come on songs toplay and many of the phrases are open-ended, allowing kids to dreamup their own endings to fun home situations.

For $44 at Amazon, the Miss Butterfly BlissInteractive Cottage is a good value for a well-made product, so longas you’re interested in etiquette as a driving force in yourchild’s play. While we can certainly understand the need for it ina broader sense, we do have to wonder if perhaps this toy is a bit toon the nose, a bit too obvious in its “girls should act like ___”notion of the world.

That’s a discussion for another blog,of course, and Butterfly Cottage shouldn’t suffer at the hands ofthose who might nay-say – it wouldn’t be polite.

Source: Learning Curve

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