Mission Accomplished - Flight Suit George Bush Action Figure Declares War On Boredom

Yep. You read it right. Not just a George Bush action figure, but a fully-loaded George Bush in a Flight Suit, ready-for-action figure. This “dub-yah” stands for WIN.


We’re not from the land of American politics – with its two party system, seemingly endless midterm elections and sheer dedication that supporters of both factions espouse no matter who is in the White House – and we’ve never been happier.


Still, up here in an Un-named Northern Neighbor, we don’t tend to be so excited (or repulsed) by our leaders that we create action figures of them, much less in full Air Force gear.


But for those that love George W., or those that just can’t get over the hilarity of his “mission accomplished” proclamation on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln after his spectacular landing in a Lockheed S-3 Viking in 2003, toy manufacturer Talking Presidents has created this reasonably accurate replica.


The figure actually bears a fairly strong resemblance to Bush himself, though with a little too much “creepy” around the eye and mouth area, and the flight suit itself is quite intricate and accurate. The figure stands at just over 14” tall, just shy of the former president himself (we kid, we kid – we Northerns are allowed to say such things), and comes with a ton of great detail on every aspect of the clothing and accessories.


Right now, the toy is available for $17.97 at Amazon and could make a great late-hour Christmas gift or the perfect addition to your hall of Presidents collection – sure, you might have “W” in a suit and tie, but this a flight suit we’re talking about here, people.


The actions of your former President and loyalty (or revulsion) for his politics and his party make this action figure both awesome and entertaining.


Source: Amazon

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