Mission Motorcycles Working On Fastest All Electric Cycle

While the battle to produce the fastest production electric vehicle has been heating up throughout the past few months, electric motorcycles haven't had much time in the spotlight. Thankfully, Mission Motorcycles has come forward with plans of producing the fastest all electric motorcycle on the market and they are already taking pre-orders.

The heart of the Mission One is a powerful electric motor powered by a Lithium Ion battery pack. The motor is liquid cooled to make sure you don't cook anything crucial and can provide up to 150 miles of uninterrupted ride between charges. When you do need to plug in the Mission One, it will only take about 2 hours to be fully charged and ready to ride again.

Mission Motorcycles did also say it is going to be fast; somewhere in the 150mph range is what they are aiming for. Interesting, 150 miles per hour...150 miles per charge. Anyway, the bike is also very balanced, due to not needing the traditional intake and exhaust components, or a fuel tank. It is noticeably light and uses a single speed transmission from zero all the way up to 150mph.

Not much in the word of production has been released yet, but if you would like more information about pre-ordering one, their website can be found below.

Mission Motorcycles