Mitsubishi Colt Borrows Big Brother's Nose

As expected, the next model of Mitsubishi's Colt was out and about at the Paris Motor Show and the new styling definitely gives it a sportier look. And with three different engines available, the Colt promises to be the perfect entry vehicle.

Mitsubishi hasn't had much of problem keeping a nice balance between performance and price and the 2009 Colt is no different. The base model comes equipped with a 1.1 liter engine making 75 horsepower. The next step up is a 1.3 liter that adds on 20 horsepower and the top tier features a 1.5 liter that is good for 109 ponies. If you want some additional power, the Ralliart edition gets your 1.5 liter engine turbocharged and boosts the power up to 150.

Considering the small size of the vehicle, those power figures aren't all that bad. Just like the 2008 model, you can choose between either a 3-door sport coupe or a more roomy 4-door. The new model will also feature an oversized front grille that is ever so slightly Lancer-esque.

Sadly, there isn't much hope of seeing the Colt touch North American soil. That won't stop us from looking and wishing though. 

From : Jalopnik