Mitsubishi FUSO's “Cute Truck Project” Aims To Cheer Up Women Drivers

Mitsubishi FUSO's “Cute Truck Project” is a proudly pink, broadly blatant come-on aimed at lady truckers put off by major motor manufacturer's macho machines.

Created for this year's 43rd Tokyo Auto Show by a team made up from Mitsubishi FUSO's female employees, this very special Canter Eco Hybrid Canna truck is one of six concept trucks designed to showcase FUSO's new range of economical, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly trucks.

Boasting a DUONIC hybrid motor whose traditional component is a small diesel engine, the Canter Eco Hybrid Canna truck features a built-in dual clutch 6-speed transmission and Mitsubishi's BlueTec System for the treatment of exhaust gas.

Inside, custom upholstered seating in white vinyl with red piping complements a standard shades-of-gray dash highlighted with pink trim. The bold pink, puce, red and white polka-dotted exterior is certainly attention-grabbing (even the wheels are pink), more so once the messaging on the sides of the truck's cargo box is absorbed.

“Enjoy Your Driving” and “FUSO Cheers Up Women” let the world know Mitsubishi FUSO cares about how women look at its vehicles – from the outside world or from the driver's seat! (via Impress Watch