Mitsubishi Revolutionizes the Television with the Introduction of Their First Laser TV

While many people are still confused about the difference between LCD, plasma, DLP, etc., Mitsubishi is already set to release a new kind of TV to the mix - laser TV. As the name implies, this new TV uses laser technology to produce what may just be the best quality picture ever.
Mitsubishi LaserTVMitsubishi LaserTV

To say that laser TV is the best quality picture ever is a bit of stretch - at least at this point. Mitsubishi has a 65" laser TV on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and so far it has been a big hit at the world's largest electronics show. While spectators do agree that the Mitsubishi laser TV does produce exceptionally good quality imagery, I will need some independent testing done to see if laser TV is really the new "top-dog", when it comes to television picture quality, before I go and jump on the laser TV bandwagon.
Mitsubishi LaserTV display at CES 2008Mitsubishi LaserTV display at CES 2008

Mitsubishi has already claimed that their new laser TV can produce 80% of the colors that the human eye can see compared to other HDTV's which only produce less than 40%. Mitsubishi goes on to say that clarity and depth perception is also much better in their laser TV than in other HDTV's. They claim that their laser TV's are capable of producing a full 3-D viewing experience - sweeeet! If all of these claims are true, I'll be the first one in line for a new laser television. As I said before, though, I need more proof that this technology is so much better than the competition. Check out the video to learn a little bit more about how a laser TV could be better than a plasma.

Another unknown factor is pricing. These TV's could turn out to be only for the rich and famous - after all, they are the first of their kind. Early reports, though, say that this new technology could actually cost less than current LCD or plasma TV's, because it costs less to produce. Mitsubishi has said that their laser TV's will be available later on this year. I'll keep you posted on any pricing or availability information for the laser TV.

Source: Gizmag
Photos: Wired

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so it this better than OLED tv's???

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very cool and 3d ready

Can you send me one? Love to have one.

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When was laser tv invented and which company trademark it first