Mitsubishi Still Teasing Hybrid Lancer Evolution...Bringing Green to Rally Racing?

Rumors of a hybrid driven Lancer Evolution have been flying around since October of last year. This is mostly thanks to the MX-MiEV concept that was built on the same platform as the all wheel drive legend. Now, a few more details have been released that could mean production for the hybrid variant.

The newest information now suggests that the hybrid version of the Evolution will come factory equipped with a plug in charging system that could provide a limited range under full electric mode. When you run out of stored energy, the turbocharged 2.0liter engine will kick and provide some additional electrons.

If you prefer to a more spirited driving style, both the electric motor and the petroleum powerplant can be tapped simultaneously, with the hybrid system powering the front and the 2.0liter pushing the rear, for a combined output somewhere in the realm of 350 horsepower. Assuming only a small amount of weight has been added for all the hybrid drive components, the twin drivetrains could launch the Evolution to 60mph in 4.5 seconds.

Mitsubishi is also working on incorporating their Active Steering and Roll Control System introduced a few years ago.

While there is no official word, it would seem like Mitsubishi has everything in place to move into full scale production.

Motor Trend