MiWorld: Where The Virtual World And Online Dining Experiences Collide

When you join a virtual world online, like the Facebook games Farmville or Cafe World you've got to register to enter, and then you've got access to everything the environment. You can feed cows, yourself or your diners; and while that's all fine and well, virtually, there are those who would like to see the online structure go offline.

is the virtual game lover's dream, because it offers real life experiences that follows the format. MiWorld runs various restaurants for food and drink. In order to go to their martini bar or restaurant run by this group, individuals must register. Then they can choose a date and time they'd like to grab a drink or a meal, but the online stucture doesn't stop for patrons once they arrive at the restaurant. MiWorld fully equips their restaurant with touch screens that allow diners to browse the menu, chat with other patrons, order meals, and visit social networking sites like Facebook.

While there have already been a few businesses to integrate online concepts and business structures offline, this is one that goes to lengths.

Via: Springwise