Mix Match Shoes Provides No Limits In Shoe Purchasing, By Selling Shoes As Singles, Not Pairs!

Are both of your feet strangely out of proportion from one another, so it's impossible to buy a pair of shoes that fits? Does one of your shoes wear out before the other, rending both shoes in a pair useless? Or are you missing a limb and don't require the left or right foot shoe that automatically comes as part of a pair (how discriminatory!)? Really though, I'm serious; lots of people have these problems and in this economy, why buy a pair of shoes when you can get them as singles, if buying a pair of shoes just doesn't fit your lifestyle when there's a solution?!

Mix Match Shoes specializes in selling shoes by the single, instead of the pair. While their fashion company started on the basis that not everyone has two feet the same size, they accommodate a whole series of needs that can result in varied shoe purchasing requirements. Whether you need two shoes in different sizes or just one shoe from Mix Match Shoes doesn't really matter; because all shoes are priced and orderable by the single.

Available in a variety of styles and well-known shoe brands, Mix Match shoes has something for everyone. In order to place an order for just on shoe at a time, consumers simply have to choose the foot they'd like the chosen style of shoe for, and select the size.

Maybe Mix Match Shoes will inspire a whole new fashion trend, like we've seen with Little Mismatched , by giving fashion lovers the opportunity to create their own pair of non-coordinating footwear!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, this company is no longer in business.