MixMyGranola: Customized Cereals Put A Spin On A Traditional Business Model

Sometimes all it takes is an innovative twist on a simple concept to increase the hype surrounding a new business idea. The latest trend that businesses globally have been turning to is to allow consumers to make their own decisions about the products that they receive. Customization is the key; allowing consumers to think about only themselves when they shop. And don't tell me that we can't all benefit from an egotistical perspective every now and again!


We've seen businesses that allow consumers to create everything from their own smoothies, to chocolate, to clothing. Now, there's another healthy option out there on the market, and while there are prefab options for buyers to choose from as well; it's the customization that helps MixMyGranola.com stand apart from their competition. We're in the age where health really has pushed its way back into the forefront. Unfortunately, healthy food options available aren't always suited to our individual tastes. That's why MixMyGranola decided to introduce customization to the sale of a healthy breakfast item.

As you navigate your way through the create your own granola process, you get to choose your base and then add other healthy and delicious items like dried fruits, nuts and chocolate. There are even powdered enhancers derived from natural sources to help improve health and general functioning.

Healthy eating is better motivated when you have an opportunity to put something together yourself. Since MixMyGranola has unique ingredients, consumers can get creative. It's also a great option for kids to choose what they'd like to see in their breakfast cereal, because they'll be anxiously awaiting the chance to dig into their creation by the time it arrives.

Mar 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Please expand

Come to the US & have distrib plants for said grainola nationwide,.

Other markets:

Cruise Lines
Business centers
Govt centers.
Strip malls.

& online.

Must have in Ralphs & Vons.

Mar 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Granola Cereal US & Distribution

Thanks for the recommendations, we're actually based in Miami Florida and seeking to expand wherever feasible. It's funny i've never heard of Ralphs & Vons, west coast location?

Let me know if you have any other thoughts, thanks!