Mobile Phone 'Dryer Box' Revives Soaked Phones, Saves Precious Data

Mobile phones live dangerously - by their very nature we take them with us everywhere we go, including places that just aren't very phone friendly.

Summer presents a slew of new sticky situations for phones - and their owners - as swimming pools, lake and ocean beaches, hot tubs, even bathroom breaks invite data disaster when mobile phones take unexpected dives.



The Internet is awash with DIY fixes for soaked cell phones but most are hit & miss; almost all are time consuming. Japan's JMC Risk Solutions has come up with a dryer box specially designed to dry out soggy phones.

The unimaginatively named "Dryer Box" is designed to revive soaked phones without the need to disassemble them in just 30 minutes - simply drop in your dripping mobile phone, grab a quick lunch, and you should be back in business by the time you get back.

The Dryer Box is meant to be sold to electronics stores who will then offer phone revival and data recovery services for a fee. The device is not especially large: 14.4 by 14.6 by 16.5 inches (360 × 365 × 412mm), the power requirement is 590W and it runs on the Japanese standard of 100 volts AC. (via Gigazine and OhGizmo!)

Aug 11, 2010
by Anonymous

This is great...and it's based upon a method that works.

This invention is great! It's so great that it was invented in an alternate form at least 8 years ago. Allow me to explain, I'm very rough on phones. I tend to have them in my pocket when I'm thrown in the pool, I tend to spill soda on them. I tend to leave them in the bathroom while I'm taking a steamy hot shower. All of these result in sticky buttons and a bricked phone.

The solution? Remove the battery. Run the phone under water for about 5-15 minutes. Soda spills will take longer, pool water, less time. Then preheat your oven...yes your oven to 125 degrees. Place the phone in the oven for 4-6 hours. Remove the phone, let it cool, replace the battery and it'll work again. I've done this 7 times with 1 flip phone, 2 times with the one before that. It has worked every single time.

This invention is of course better because most ovens do not go as low as 125 so you have to carefully set this with a thermometer or risk melting your phone.

Aug 12, 2010
by Anonymous

Couldn't imagine how expensive!

Why not just spend $12.99 and get an iRecovery Kit?

Aug 12, 2010
by Anonymous


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Aug 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Dryer box? Use Rice Instead

Wet phone? Remove the battery, place it in a baggie of uncooked rice, and allow it to set a day or two.

ALSO: save the moisture absorbing packets found in vitamin bottles etc. Those work faster than rice for drying soggy phones.

Sep 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Dryer box?

Been drying out flooded electronics for years, our stuff does not leak.
We do a phone emergency dryer kit in a sealed wallet for boats and bars.
Soon to be available on ebay.....wet phone
The europeans use a similar box for drying fruit etc....
Case of wheel re-invention??

Jul 22, 2011
by meggy

It happens quite often,

It happens quite often, mobile phones are getting a more aerodynamic shape so they can easily slip through your fingers so yes, this box is a real necessity. I hope it can also be used for the VoIP phones.