The Moby Wrap: Ultimate In Baby Toting

The Moby Wrap is perfectly safe for both baby and you!The Moby Wrap is perfectly safe for both baby and you!

The Moby Wrap makes carrying baby easier on both you and the environment.

Let’s face it, no matter how small and sweet they seem, babies get heavy even with those typical cloth slings on the market. Even more disappointing, the traditional one-shoulder strap carriers can be damaging to your back, neck and shoulders – a discomfort that can last well past your child’s college graduation!

This combination of inconvenience and unhealthy lugging inspired the Moby Wrap, a baby carrier that uses your entire back to support the weight of the baby. Made out of 100% organic cotton, the environment is spared as well. This earth-friendly fabric is more comfortable for skin contact, and it has been shown to soothe baby with its soft touch and ability to hold your little one close to you for warmth, comfort and security.

A creative concept in a creative color choiceA creative concept in a creative color choice


The Moby Wrap is machine washable and comes with an instruction guide and even a website that gives you news updates and ideas for new ways to wear your carrier. The Moby Wrap baby carrier is a steal at under $70, when you realize how much expense you save in the long run. No more broken baby slings. No more pain medication for those aching shoulders.

The Moby Wrap has found a way to keep the environment, yourself and your baby all safe and secure without a lot of effort! (See all the fun choices and buy here.)

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