Mocoro Microfiber Mop Ball Vacuum Cleaner Is A Roomba With A View

Just when you got used to the idea of rolling robotic Roombas roaming your home on the range comes an even more unlikely vacuum: the Mocoro Microfiber Mop Ball Vacuum Cleaner from Japan's CCP.

The cute-as-a-dust-bunny Mocoro comes with your choice of pink, green or orange washable covers and additional covers can be purchased separately for just 560 yen (about $5.50) each. Just install a trio of AA-size batteries (not included, sorry), secure the fluffy microfiber cover around your Mocoro, and let the good cleaning times roll!

The 121mm (about 5”) wide Mocoro weighs 270gm or about a half pound (not including batteries) and fully-charged it will run for up to 3 hours. You won't be operating it continuously for that amount of time, however, especially if the jaunty jingle is playing... yes, Mocoro "whistles while it works" but thankfully that function can be disabled.

The Mocoro is designed to clean an average level floor area in about 15 minutes, after which you're supposed to clean the cover with the included Dedicated Care Brush. Hey, it looked too good to be true, didn't it?

Also on the con side, unlike the Roomba the Mocoro has no facility to avoid stairs so you might come home to find it in the lowest part of your abode. Doubtless pets will find it irresistible as well – it looks like a cat toy and will likely be treated as such if you have a cat or cats.

Still, the Mocoro Microfiber Mop Ball Vacuum Cleaner is a “neat” concept in more ways than one. Those interested in ordering one or more should budget 3,980 yen (around $40) for each Mocoro and place their orders online at White Rabbit Express.