From The Modder Who Brought You The Xbox Laptop, Say Hello To The Playbook 4

Ever wanted to play Destiny at a coffee shop? Got a hankering for Infamous: Second Son on the bus? You might want to get in touch with hardware modder Ed Zarick, then. He's turned Sony's immensely popular gaming console into a laptop - the Playbook 4.

If you think the name Zarick sounds familiar, you're not alone. This isn't his first commercial mod - last month, he unveiled the Xbook One, a laptop created from Microsoft's next-gen console. The Playbook 4 is "built on the same foundations," as that gadget, says Zarick.

The case - which is available in either black or white - was created using a 3D printer. The laptop itself uses a 22-inch Vizio 1080P LED LCD display, 

The case is designed by Zarick and created using a 3D printer (it's available in black and white; corners and logos can be any color). It uses a 22-inch Vizio 1080p LED LCD TV as its monitor, and an HDMI Out port can be included on request(and an extra $50) if you want to play on a bigger monitor (though that kinda defeats the purpose of the product, really). On the back of the unit, there's a power plug, Optical Audio Out Port, and Ethernet Port.

Now for the bad news - there's no battery included inside the unit. You need to plug it into a wall socket in order for it to function. According to Zarick, this is because these consoles simply weren't designed to run on a battery.

Anyway, those of you who want your very own PlayStation 4 laptop can get in touch with Zarick through his blog. Do note that he's not offering his services on the cheap, though. The Playbook 4 will run you at $1,095.00 (if you provide a console to be modded) and $1,395.00 (if you want him to buy the console for you). It'll take around two to three weeks for assembly, and a bit longer for delivery.