'Moderate Diet' Bowl Fools Your Eyes, Slims Your Waist

Are your eyes bigger than your belly? Well feast your baby blues on the “Moderate Diet” rice bowl from Sunart. The 115 × 58mm (4.6” wide by 2.32” high) bowl uses stealth technology to trick your brain into thinking there's a heaping helping of rice (or whatever) ready to enjoy.

The thing is, your enjoyment ends a bit too quickly. The so-called “stealth” presents itself in the convex bottom of the bowl. It acts much like the false bottom of a suitcase or lifts in a short person's shoes, displacing the contents upwards and creating the illusion of volume where it actually doesn't exist.

Very sneaky, of course, but some say life itself is an illusion... and even more say our brains are easily fooled. Once the subconscious mind registers the “fact” of a full bowl, it may be reluctant to realize that less than expected was eaten before the bowl's bottom was reached. End result? You eat less and, eventually, weigh less. Nothing foolish about that, is there?

The Moderate Diet rice bowl from Sunart is available at Amazon Japan priced at 790 yen or around $9.50 each. (via Impress Watch)