Modern Day Eco-Friendly Skinny Dipping

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If you have ever been brave enough to skinny dip into a body of water or showered in your birthday suit underneath a waterfall, you may just like this eco-friendly concept. It brings water, nature and you into your shower. It's eco clean. 

From the picture it may be a little difficult to see what this concept is, but if you're seeing a shower filled with tall grasses and plants, you are not seeing things. There are tall grasses and plants in the shower. In fact there are rushes, reeds, floating water Hyacinth and lemnas inside. Each plant serves a filtration purpose.

After taking a shower in this neat innovative shower designed by Jun Yasumoto, called a Phyto-Purification Bathroom, the water that was used to shower with is reused and filtered by the plants and a carbon filter. According to the  Jun Yasumoto website the water goes through varies steps of filtration. 

-The rushes are planted in sand which filters larger particles. The root system of the rushes contain various bacterias which break down these particles for absorption by the plant.
- The reeds are planted next to the rushes as they have the ability to filter the heavy metals from the water.
- The floating water hyacinths draw through their roots some of the water borne particles which are still present in the water.
-The lemnas, which are also aquatic plants, bind to the remaining aquatic micro-organisms to complete the filtering process.
-Finally, a carbon filter stops the remaining micro-particles. 

I imagine for this to be completely eco-friendly the person using this shower would need to shower with planet-friendly toiletries as well. Yes? For more information on this eco-friendly shower visit Jun Yasumoto's website here

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Sep 16, 2009
by Anonymous

The Natural Way to shower

Must expand this for 2,4,8,10 persons alone.

For AANR Resorts in the US alone.

& for Pvt Homes
Remote cabins
Lakes, rivers.

Love to have one installed.

& then add multiflow showerhead.

Must for Group shower with "waterfall" effect.