Modified Egg For People With Egg Allergies

For some people, a delicious plate of scrambled eggs is inevitably followed by an upset stomach, severe rashes, or other allergic reactions, including death. Now, chemists have developed a process that greatly reduces the main egg allergens, resulting in eggs that are 100 times less allergenic than normal eggs.

Many researchers have attempted to create non-allergenic eggs, but most of the previous work has been unsuccessful. The new research by German and Switzerland chemists including Angelika Paschke finally provides a path toward non-allergenic eggs using a method that doesn't significantly alter the flavor and texture of the eggs.

In their technique, the scientists expose raw eggs to heat and enzymes, which breaks down the eggs' allergens. When tested against blood serum from people with egg allergies, the modified egg was just 1% as allergenic as raw eggs. Hopefully, more people will be able to enjoy omelets, quiche, and other egg dishes with the new development.

The study is published in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.