Modular Shoes: A Transformable Shoe Style For Every Occasion

 This shoe design is every fashion lover's dream or nightmare, depending upon your perspective, because it allows you to have just one shoe for every occasion. These funny shoes transform using zippers, and while they might be a bit casual for New York's favorite fashionistas, it's a great solution for the over-packer.

I'm in the process of packing for a trip right now, and lined up by my suitcase are many of the pair of shoes I own. While I'm all about comfort, I can't decide what the weather and events of the trip will dictate, so I've got a variety of flip-flips, sandals, sneakers and flats. I know you can relate, and fortunately, the fashion designer behind these cool modular shoes, clearly another victim of the over-packing syndrome, has come up with a solution with a shoe that transforms to practically any style.

These funky, fashionable shoes transform from boots to flip-flops and everything in between. Heading straight from the beach to the nightclub and need a pair of stilettos?  Just manipulate the zippers on the modular shoes! Going from the office to a hoedown? Transform your loafers into a pair of country-style cowboy boots! Ok, so the canvas shoes slathered in zippers may not be the most fashion-friendly for the office or nightclub, but just think of the space saved in your suitcase!

These funky, modular shoes were unveiled at the "Bread & Butter" fashion trade show in January, in Barcelona, Spain. No word yet on when they'll be available for retail.

Via: Reuters

Mar 19, 2009
by Anonymous

One shoe for all occasions!

I take it they come with multipacks of odoureaters?