Moff Band Provides Sound Effects For Your Child’s Imagination

The Moff Band is a soft, yet strong silicon slap-on bracelet that is way more than jewelry. It is a wearable smart toy that provides the sound effects for your child’s imagination. The Moff Band is made by Moff Toys and was designed and developed by a team of really smart guys and dads who funded their idea through Kickstarter. And it was one of the hottest tech toys at this year’s American International Toy Fair.

The Moff Band works using three components (okay more, but those smart guys made it easy for us): a free app, motion, and unlimited imagination. After purchasing the Moff Band—which is currently only available at Amazon but will be available at other retailers soon—download the free iOS app onto your iPhone or iPad. Android compatibility will be available soon too! Trust me; your patience will pay off.

The Moff Band app is home to many categories of sound effects. You or your child choose the best sound for your mood, maybe from the guitar or hero categories, and slap on the Moff Band. Once the bracelet is turned on using the one touch button, it will automatically and wirelessly connect to the device with the Moff Band app via Bluetooth. The app senses and analyzes the motion of your child’s wrist and plays sounds while your child is lost in a world of make believe.

The Moff Band is meant to turn anything your child holds into a toy. A spatula turns into a wand, a pencil turns into a drum stick, and a broom is turned into a guitar. A child’s imagination is a pretty magical thing, and I have seen my daughter lose herself in external dialogue between herself and her toys. It’s amazing how limitless the mind can be. I honestly believe she can turn anything into something else with the power of her four year old brain. The Moff Band would enhance her play by adding sound effects to go with it. The layers of dialogue and sound effects would playout like a well-mixed movie.

My daughter could use a Moff Band with a friend too. Two Moff Bands can sync to one device, so she and a friend could create a world of fairies, run a restaurant, or start a band using the app’s magic, cooking, or music categories. I am often envious of my daughter’s ability to escape so easily into the creations of her own mind; I have a feeling I would want a Moff Band too just to be a part of the story.

The silicone bracelet is latex-free, lightweight, and is powered by a coin battery. The battery lasts about 30 hours and can be changed by removing the silicon base from the band. The Moff Band is targeted for 3-12 year olds, but the sky is the limit for ages willing to play in make believe. Slap on a Moff Band smart bracelet to add the technology of sound effects to the ageless power of imagination.

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