MOGA Wants To Be The New PSP – For Your Phone


Mobile gaming used to be a quaint diversion you pursued while waiting in the grocery line. Now, games for your phone are looking better than ever. It was inevitable that a device would be created that could give gamers a real alternative to the portable game -- MOGA wants to be the device you love.

Here’s the thing: mobile gaming is getting serious. And, more importantly, it wants to be taken seriously. MOGA takes the prize for original concept that you should have known was coming.

The MOGA mobile game controller tries to step in where touchscreens fail – it really does feel like you’re playing a game console…on the go. Like Sony’s PSP and Nintendo’s DS, the object is to create a world within your palms that’s just as immersive as your console at home. MOGA is targeted to those who enjoy both the price point of mobile games (typically under $10 or free), popping graphics (which are starting to rival game consoles), and complex storylines.

You might think all you’d have to do is set up the Bluetooth and start gaming, but you’ll have to actually play inside the MOGA Pivot App to use it effectively. Though most of us have gotten used to touchscreen gestures while gaming, MOGA’s analog sticks, shoulder triggers, and four action buttons, quite literally feel like home. When searching for new gaming adventures, look for “MOGA enhanced games.”

And in the case of MOGA, size doesn’t matter much. The MOGA Arm (a trademarked phrase) opens and extends to fit your phone. I used the Samsung Galaxy Note II with its 5.5” screen and bulky body, and it worked just fine. Oh, and it also connects to your tablet if you’re so inclined.

So far, MOGA works with Android 2.3 or higher (sorry iPhone users). And while you may not abandon your portable gaming system of choice, you might find it worth enriching your current mobile gaming experience with MOGA.

For more information, visit the MOGA official website or Amazon.

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