Mohawk Drink Hat: One For The…Warpath?

What is the Mohawk Drink Hat and what does it want?

The Mohawk Drink Hat is not designed for pow-wows and other serious meetings, unless as an icebreaker of some weird sort. Its helmeted appearance is enough to make any full-grown person laugh, as it is totally and completely absurd to don a Mohawk Drink Hat while imbibing at a bar. Still, the Mohawk hairstyle and two convenient cup-holders hanging off each side of the Mohawk Drink Hat have a secret appeal that only lovers of the grape and descendants of Jack Daniels (he had a lot of children) can truly comprehend.

Mohawk Drink HatMohawk Drink Hat


What advantages are associated with a Mohawk Drink Hat ?

For one thing, the Mohawk Drink Hat allows you to take on a new persona (a punk warrior wearing a funny hat and drinking in a public place amid laughter and pointing index fingers.) But it is so easy to wear the Mohawk Drink Hat and it has style (sort of). Just strap the Mohawk Drink Hat to your head, crack open a few cold ones and stand back and look in all directions. (That tomahawk can come from anywhere.)

What else should we know about the Mohawk Drink Hat?

Well, it costs a mere $16.99 and comes in several ridiculous versions. There are no batteries or age restrictions associated with the use of the Mohawk Drink Hat. (No matter how old or young you may be, your chance to look like a fool in public can still be within your grasp with the purchase of the Mohawk Drink Hat!)

What lies ahead for the Mohawk Drink Hat?

It’s difficult to predict how long the Mohawk Drink Hat will remain with us. So hurry, and instead of waiting with bated breath for the newest and most useless bar accessories to come your way, jump on the bandwagon today and buy one of these silly Mohawk Drink Hats. Buy two Mohawk Drinking Hats in case the person drinking next to you gets upset with the way you look. Offer a way to see double without having another drink.

Whatever you do, if you order one of these Mohawk Drink Hats, don’t pick up an extra one for me.  (Update: The Mahawk Drink hat is no longer available but there is a huge selection of funny drink hats here.)

No offense, but I think I’ll pass on this one!

Happy Mohawk Drink Hat!

Biker Mohawk Drink HatBiker Mohawk Drink Hat Red Mohawk Drink HatRed Mohawk Drink Hat

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