Mojo Backpacks: Art You Carry Your Stuff In

The fine artists and craftspeople at Mojo easily demonstrate that there’s absolutely no reason to settle for mediocrely styled backpacks, totes and duffle bags when they’ve got wearable art for you to store your swag!


We’ve all had to buy a utilitarian item from the store, something that you absolutely need, but you end up picking out the one that is “the least uncool” out of what the store has on the shelf. I remember picking out my high school lunch bag, out of the bland, yet practical food carriers by its color. Purple is my favorite hue, and it was sturdy enough to hold my midday meal for the next four years, so I ended up buying it due to a lack of cooler choices. However, it would’ve been so much better if the bag featured the gaping maw of a hungry shark, a human skeleton, or the visage of an angry wolf to keep my peers away from my snacks!


Mojo’s backpacks showcase that just about any item that you use on a daily basis can be reimagined with fun, exciting and stylish artwork to catch the eye of potential buyers. Think back to when you were in grade school, and tell me if you’d have preferred to wear a basic backpack of your favorite color, or one featuring a roaring lion, crystal skull or 8-bit videogame creatures? Exactly. Inventors should take note of Mojo’s creative innovation of combining the classic backpack with bold and vivid pieces of wearable art.


What are some of the boring objects that you use on a daily basis that could use a visual overhaul? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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