Mokacam: Record Your Life In More Detail

From the “What Will They Think of Next” file, comes the world’s smallest 4K camera.

Called Mokacam, this GoPro-cube-style camera has innovation and versatility written all over it, and it was designed so that anyone – amateurs and professionals alike – can use it.

Mokacam allows you to focus on the moment, and not the setup.

This new device, which was designed and developed by a team of inventors in Hong Kong, is 1.77 inches wide and 1.77 inches tall and it weighs only 96 grams.

It’s a small, easy-to-use lifestyle camera like no other, for now anyway.

Mokacam Lets You Relive Every Moment

Mokacam is packed with an array of features that will get just about anyone excited.

At first glance one may think that this camera might have trouble keeping up with the GoPro line of cameras on the market. However, think again: Mokacam keeps all its features instead well hidden. This camera is loaded with the best and latest camera technology and electronics – all in one compact cube that has an impact and water resistant polycarbonite shell.

The camera comes with a magnetic mount and it will attach to any metal surfaces without docks, screws, or stands. The magnetic mount is amazingly strong so it’s always secure, allowing you to capture awesome footage with all sorts of creative angles.

The camera records video in full 4K ultra-high definition and it is equipped with a high definition microphone. The device also has wide angle 152° field of view and a 16 mega pixel sensor.

With this device you can also spend hours and hours recording. Mokacam comes with lots of little battery packs that you just snap on quickly so  you don’t have to worry about missing those moments you want frozen in time.

Mokacam also comes with an add-on screen – a 270° rotating screen that lets you capture the right moment from any angle your creative-eye desires.

What makes this device even more extra special is that it has a motion activation feature, which means that it will automatically detect movement and capture the best action footage. This comes in handy at sporting events, or for surveillance purposes inside or outside your home.

Mokacam Specs
7-layers all Glass lens
16 Mega Pixel Sensor
152° Field of View
4K/15fps, 1080/16fps
H.264 Encoding

1000mAh Li-on battery power
1100Ah built-in battery in screen
1100mAh extra battery-pack



Get More For Less

Mokacam also comes with a free app so you can share your best moments with your friends and family wirelessly and instantly post them on social media channels.

This device also comes with custom designed mounts and accessories (head strap, chest harness, wrist housing, helmet front mount, helmet side mount, and flex camp) and a unique based adapter that provides full compatibility with all your favorite GoPro selfie sticks and more.

Mokacam is more than affordable. It only retails for $200.00 (USD) and there is no other quality 4k camera on the market at this price.

You don’t need to be a film expert with this camera. You just turn it on and record what you want when you want. Then again, once your friends and family see the footage you capture with Mokacam they will think you are a film director in the making.

So, what moments will you capture when you get your Mokacam?